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Let’s Talk Tantra


At the Let’s Talk Tantra book presentation you will meet Ulrik Adinatha Lyshøj and Lotte Søs Farran-Lee that together have written the book “Let’s Talk Tantra”. The book is an interview book where Lotte has interviewed Ulrik about tantra. The talk brings the reader into the tantric world in a very easy and grounded way. The reader will get a deeper understanding of tantra, lovemaking, the masculine & feminine, the philosophy and much more.
Ulrik and Lotte will be talking about the process of the book, Lottes inspiration of wanting to create it and Ulrik will be talking about some of the content.

Host: Morgan Arundel


Tantric Orgasm – Is it really true what they say?


What is a tantric orgasm? And why did it get so famous? Is it true that orgasm and ejaculation is not the same thing? Whats the difference between a “normal” orgasm and a tantric orgasm? And most important, how can it be obtained and why! Come to this juicy discussion with Johannes&Aurora!

Host: Morgan Arundel





The tantric tradition often says that transformation happens at the edge between the known and the unknown. Wisdom teachings says that when we dare to take the step into the unkown we in fact take a step to LIFE. But what does this mean practically in daily life? How can this tantric idea be applied in our daily life in order to help us to make a leap of consciousness? What does the unknown represent for us as individuals, in a couple relationship, in a society? Come and take part in this fascinating discussion with Guy Barrinton & Morgan Arundel

Host Sahajananda


Tantra Today: Tradition, authenticity and modernization


More and more debates starts to pop up on the subject: what is Tantra – actually? Many talk about it, but what is it in fact? Is there a difference between traditional Tantra and the so called “neo-tantra”/modern Tantra? Come to listen to a fascinating discussion on a hot topic! – with Advaita Stoian & Sahajananda

Host: Morgan Arundel


Conscious Relationship: Long lasting love & passion – is that a myth?


Most people dream of a longlasting love & passion in a relationship, but looking at relationship statistics this dream appears to be a Hollywood-fairytale. Or is there a way to make this dream reality? With Aurora Georgijevic, and Buster Rådvik

Host Sahajananda