About TantraFestival

As an international organization, TantraFestival is arranging festivals all over Europe. We bring focus upon to conscious eroticism and sublime sexuality as a way for individual and collective evolution towards harmony and love. We aim to unite great and experienced teachers within the field of spirituality, conscious sexuality, tantra, sexual continence, personal development, the wisdom of the sacred eroticism, sexology, dance and much more, so that they may share their unique gifts to you!


Welcome to Tantra Festival 2016!

8-9th of october

Disclaimer: You must be over 18 to attend the festival

This is an invitation to a weekend of experiencing your life fully present, natural and open hearted! Tantra is the art of LIFE, teaching us how to make the everyday-life a celebration. The more we awaken our senses and our consciousness, the more we will start to participate to life rather than just react to what happens with us.

What is Tantra?

Tantra is a system that harmoniously weaves together all the aspects of life – the body with all its amazing possibilities, the heart with its endless mysteries, the mind and the spirit within to unite and come to balance. Tantra is a path that rejects nothing and includes everything as a part of the journey. Therefore it is a path which can be accessible to anyone who is open and willing to transform!

Transformation from tantric perspective means to go from the limited to the unlimited, from contraction to expansion of the consciousness.

In our human existence this means gradually releasing what keeps us contracted – such as fear, tension, shame, guilt, jealousy, hatred and greed. It also means learning to actively cultivate that which makes us expand, such as beauty, conscious experience of deep pleasure, unconditional love, patience, trust, enthusiasm, lucid orgasmic states, deep euphoric relaxation, meditation…

Tantra Festival 2016

During the Tantra Festival 2016 you will be invited into a safe space for exploring your inner nature, yet softly encouraged to let go of what holds you back and step into your intimate, unlimited inner reality.

Tantrafestival offers genuine tantric wisdom provided by deeply experienced and world-renown teachers and experts.
It will be a weekend of exploring, enjoying, playing, moving, laughing, touching, loving, transforming and truly BEING!
In this way we discover how in fact our entire life is a love story and being in love with all aspects of life will be as natural as breathing!

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