Tantra Festival
Tantra Festival invites you to a safe space for exploring your inner nature. You will be softly encouraged to let go of what holds you back and step into your intimate, unlimited inner reality – that your entire life is a love story and being in love with all aspects of life will be as natural as breathing!

“This festival can change your life by making you realize how much potential you have for love and living. If you are brave a new world will open for you. Nothing is being demanded of you. You decide how little or much you take home. I wish this experience on everyone.”

– Kim

“I’m so surprised. It has been very good, I’m so thankful. I liked the womens-circles! Good energy. I can´t find some negative about the festival. Keep up the good work <3”

– Ylva

“Warm, long experience of this weekend. Womens groups/workshops were great. (I´m a total beginner) A lot of long touch and intimacy. Recommend it to anyone- everyone <3”


Delicious workshops for everybody! Presence, intimacy, touch, sensuality, breathing, dancing, exploring


Find information about the lovely teachers and artists during the festival


We have limited amounts of tickets – take your chance to happiness and bliss NOW!