Meet the Lecturers

Aurora Georgijevic (SE)

Tantrafestival Host

Aurora has practised yoga and tantra for the last 13 years and is a certified yoga and tantra teacher within Atman Federation. She was in an early stage deeply fascinated by the practical attitude in tantra, of applying and discovering the wise teachings of tantra in daily life. Her teaching style is playful, full of wisdom, enthusiasm and deep love for the tantric tradition. For the last 5 years, Aurora has been the coordinator for Natha Yoga Centre in Malmö, where she is teaching courses in yoga, tantra, tantra for women and arranging different events, workshops, retreats and festivals. She is also the coordinator of Tantrafestival in Sweden. Her soul ambition in this life is to passionately spread the message of the transforming power of love and to make the wisdom teachings accessible to as many people as possible.

Morgan Arundel

Tantrafestival Host

Morgan has been a dedicated and enthusiastic practitioner of tantra yoga for over 15 years. He is passionate about teaching and
sharing his knowledge with others, inspiring them on their own journey of spiritual awakening and transformation. With a
unique ability to bring clarity to ancient teachings, he combines his deep spiritual knowledge with broad life experience,
helping him to convey spiritual ideas to a wide range of people in clear and insightful ways.
For over 10 years he has taught on-going courses in tantra yoga, and he holds regular workshops, lectures and spiritual groups
in England.

Advaita Stoian

Advaita is the founder of Tantra Festival, which has become a worldwide platform uniting Tantric practitioners and facilitators from schools the world over.

Advaitais an acclaimed author, researcher, philosopher, life coach and teacher, who has been practicing and teaching Yoga and Tantra for more than 25 years. Through his intensive spiritual practice he has attained the practical understanding of life’s deepest mechanisms, becoming a treasure for all who want to walk the path by themselves. His practical knowledge unites with the modern scientific formation as he spent many years as a scientific researcher. The result is highly effective guidance that addresses the practitioners, and is perfectly adapted to the views of our contemporary world.

Perhaps Advaita’s greatest contribution to modern-day spirituality is in his providing the opportunity for people to come into contact with the spiritual practices that have been brought into the world through the genius of his spiritual mentor, the Tantric master, Gregorian Bivolaru. The teachings Advaita imparts have been passed onto him by Gregorian, from the Maha Gupta Siddha Yoga lineage, one of the oldest teachings known to humankind.

Advaita is truly a forerunner in the spiritual sexual revolution of our time – helping people, both individually and collectively, through consciously replacing taboos with knowledge.His exceptional lectures and workshops include a wide variety of topics, ranging from Tantric eroticism and spiritualising relationship to addressing sociological issues and spiritual human rights.

Advaita is the author of the Tantra Intensive Course, which is arguably the world’s foremost Tantra course. It is taught internationally, at a time when the need for such a course is at its highest. He is the senior teacher at Natha Yogacenter Copenhagen and Stockholm, and coordinator of the Atman International Teacher Training Programs in Yoga, Tantra and Meditation. He is the author of several books & DVDs on advanced Tantric notions.

Guy Barrington

Guy is an inner wisdom-joy-love Explorer and perpetual Student of Life and the Divine. He has trained in Healing, Meditation, Qi Gong, Shamanism, Sufism, Biodanza, Tantra… Guy Works as a Healer, Mentor, Transformative Dance facilitator, Creativity for Life coach, Creativity Consultant and Shamanic Dance facilitator.

He primarily sees his Work as inspiring, reminding and gently guiding us back to our natural Heart centred way of living, feeling, expressing, relating and creating.

He shares his Work in Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Czech Republic, Northern & Southern Ireland, England, France, Canada, Thailand & India and worldwide via webcasts and online Courses.

Ulrik Adinatha and Daniela Ananda

The tantric couple Adinatha and Ananda have for many years taught and instructed people in relocating the power dynamics in their lives and relationships. They, along with a team of Tantric massage therapists, work daily at the Tantra Temple in Copenhagen where they teach and offer tantric massages. Adinatha is one of the few which engage sexual continence in the erotic tantric massage, supporting people in relating to their sexual drive in a spiritually healthy way by learning to control their sexual energy. His guidance is always full of harmony, respect and deep insight into human relationships. Ananda is known for her spontaneity and creativity in the tantric work which helps people to discover, often with great amazement, new and unexpected solutions to their problems. She is always a bubbling source of joy and spontaneity which stimulate people around her.

Buster Rådvik

All of Buster’s work including individual sessions, work with couples, and groups is focused on love, sex, and intimacy. He draws his approach from a journey of over a decade of living in intentional communities, combined with his studies and practices of various body­centered disciplines of awakening. Busters gift lies in his eloquent execution and powerful ability to create a safe space for individuals and groups to fearlessly navigate their emotional bodies as the pathway to liberation. Buster is a Licensed Mental Health Counselor, Certified Sex Addiction Therapist, and a trained Sensorimotor Psychotherapy therapist.

Jeanina Dhara Milehag

Jeanina has passionately worked with bioenergetics, tantra and coaching for 13 years. She loves all kind of experiences that get us deeper into the richness of our bodies. In her work she uses bioenergetics, dance, touch, breath and various tantric exercises to dive deep inside. She is trained in bioenergetics at the Namaste Center in Brazil and at the Humaniversity, Holland. She’s based in Malmö, Sweden and gives groups, workshops and sessions for individuals and partners around the world.

To know more about Jeanina, visit her at

Rachel Rickards (USA)

Rachel is an adventurous spirit in the realms of love, sex and relationship. Her natural exuberance gives permission to others to explore their authentic selves in uncharted territory. Her never ending enthusiasm and energy for the work of transformation and the ease of play at the same time is ah uge gift adding depth coupled with perspective to everything she does. With personal and professional training in psychology, sex therapy and alternative/open relationship counseling, she is committed to helping others find their full creative expression in life and love.

Maria & Foca (UK)

Maria and Foca are from Tara Yoga Centre in London UK where they teach weekly classes in yoga, tantra and meditation and facilitate workshops on various topics – the tantric couple relationship, tantric sexuality, life purpose, tantric meditation and many more. Tara Yoga Centre aim to make genuine spirituality accessible for the modern person – fulfilling the needs of modern life on all levels. Maria and Foca have both studied and practised the tantric path for more than 15 years and share generously from their experience – individually and together. Their style of teaching reveals depth of knowledge in a warm, playful and charismatic manner, inviting everyone to participate in the miracle and wonderful intensity of life itself.

Violeta Labella (IDN)

An Elemental Yoga Teacher & Therapist, Myofascial Bodyworker, Intuitive Guide and Teacher of Women’s Healing Arts. My mission is to demystify, simplify and translate your experiences and bring health, love and natural wisdom into your everyday reality, supporting you on your path and enhancing your life quality. As a truth-seeker, nature-lover,  pleasure-activist and nomad by heart, home in Bali, travelling and teaching all over the world. With an unbroken spirit I inspire others to look at their life, embrace their inner power, improve their health, and find overall contentment.

Elodia Bohn Johansen (DK)

Elodia is an enthusiastic tantra teacher, passionate about life and about discovering the secrets of happiness and our essential divine nature. She has been practicing yoga and tantra for the past 17 years and believes that she will never stop being amazed and grateful that she is learning more and more every day. Trained in the sacred art of conscious touch and tantra massage, she keeps classes and workshops sharing from her heart the tantric knowledge and spiritual perspective upon life, in a clear, fascinating and accessible way. When teaching she aims to balance the presence of energy and consciousness, to both have an amazing experience as well as new realizations or practical tools which can make a difference in our life outside the workshop.

Sahajananda J. Porslund (DK)

Sahajananda has a great passion for the tantric path, of which he has a profound knowledge and practical insight.

For the last sixteen years he has been researching in the field of esoteric knowledge and the ancient spiritual traditions of the planet, and practiced in depth meditation, yoga and tantra.

He teaches tantra from his personal experience and with great inspiration, humor, creativity and wisdom which makes his classes to be deeply appreciated and transforming towards deeper self-knowledge.

He is teaching courses and workshops in tantra, yoga and meditation at Natha Yogacenter in both Copenhagen and Stockholm.He is also DJ (Dj Ildsjæl) and part of the Eco Trance Plant Mystery project and facilitator of Copenhagen Conscious Talks & Truth Seminars.He is educated at the Copenhagen University in Modern Culture & Contemporary Litterature and as well been working as a freelance journalist.

Johannes Hvass

Johannes is a Tantra teacher and man coach and has specialized in helping men through his online programs to address a wide range of “man issues” ranging from premature ejaculation, overcoming performance anxiety in bed, erectile dysfunction to gaining more success with women and dating. You can see examples of his work on

Selina Sevil

Selina is a passionate woman with her soul devoted to the sensual feminine dances of the orient. She is a proffestional dancer, skillful experienced teacher and judge in belly dance competitions, and has trained with some of the top dance teachers in the world today. Selina have over 1000 shows in experience and has performed in some of the most extravagant events in Sweden, middle east and other countries. Selina has a creative and playful attitude in teaching, and has a high vitality and sparkly personality. Her dance performances and teachings are deeply mezmerizing and leaves deep enchantment in the heart of the audience. Selina will keep a sensual dance workshop for women in the festival but also delight us with some wonderful performances.

Olinela Giulia D’Altri (IT)

Olinela is a Yoga and Tantra teacher and she has being practicing for more than 10 years. She has lead women tantric groups since she was very young, learning and opening to femininity as a way of discovering oneself and growing spiritually. She is also a talented artist and her way of teaching is full of creativity, genuine personal experiences and deep insights.

Michael Virkelyst

Michael is a Certified Daoist Instructor from Universal Healing Tao – Mantak Chia and is teaching the old Daoist’s practices.